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: Orthodox Christian Translation Society

Author: Ivan Ilyin. Translated by Alexandra Weber


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ISBN 13: 978-069-2546-84-0

Description: Ivan Ilyin was a great Russian thinker and a lifelong seeker of truth. A writer, publicist, political scientist, and literary critic by profession, he described this book in the following manner: "It is dedicated not to theology, but to quiet philosophical praises to God... I am attempting to weave together a fabric of new philosophy, which is thoroughly Christian in spirit and style, but is completely free of pseudophilosophical 'theologizing' in the style of Berdyaev-Bulgakov-Karsavin... This is a simple, quiet philosophy...born from the most important organ of the Orthodox Christian... a contemplative heart."

His book is essentially a collection of reflections on human nature and morality; the beauty of nature and its relationship with man as created being and God as creator; man's duties, responsibilities, and destiny in life; and the interplay of heart, mind, and soul. These reflections from a "singing heart" are beautifully written in a language steeped in love for Russia and the Orthodox faith, and provide a glimpse into the soul of a man who refused to be beaten by the cruelty of his time but found beauty in the darkest of days. In the words of his student R.M. Zile, this is a man whose every word is marked by one creative goal - "in everything to see and to show the light of God."

The Singing Heart: A Book of Quiet Reflections

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