Publisher: Daniel Sysoev Inc

Author: Priest George Maximov

4.5" x 6.5"

Format/Cover Type: Softcover

ISBN: 978-5-4279-0093-5

Pages: 64

Description: Instructing and teaching a child the Orthodox faith is the key to their future. Happy are those parents whose child grows up righteous, who loves God and others, and is zealous for spiritual gifts.

This catechism is laid out as a connected narrative, where every new topic is a continuation of the previous one. With precise, yet simple and understandable language for children, it expounds upon the foundations of the Orthodox faith — the firm foundation upon which a growing Christian will build his house.


How did our world come into being?

Who is God?

Why do Christians call God the Trinity?

What is the spiritual world?

Who are the angels?

Who are the demons?

How do demons try to hurt us?

How can we protect ourselves from them?

What happened to the first people?

How did the first sin affect all of mankind?

Who is the Savior?

What is death?

What is the General Resurrection?

What will happen after the General Resurrection?

What is the providence of God?

What is the Orthodox Church?

What is Holy Scripture?

What is Sacred Tradition?

Who are the saints?

What is the grace of God?

How can we become saints?

Why do we have to go to church?

What is Confession?

What is Communion?

What is a priest?

What is prayer?

What are icons?

Why do we light candles in front of icons?

What is the Sign of the Cross?

What is fasting?

What do we need fasting for?

What is charity?

What are temptations?

How does sin work?

How can we lose and find faith?

Other faiths

How can we live according to God’s will?

A Children's Catechism

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